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USDA Home Mortgages -- Important
USDA Mortgage Loans are one of the very last loans available for ZERO down. The United States Department of Agriculture created this program to assist homebuyers who may be interested in purchasing in more "rural" areas of the country. If you would like to purchase a home with no money down, a USDA Home Mortgage may be perfect. Call 919-341-4919

Do I qualify ??
Unlike most types of mortgages, USDA has two very important restrictions - income and property location. In regards to income, USDA Home Mortgages require that your income not be in excess of the median income (with some variations) for your geographic area.

Although there are some ways in which your household income can be adjusted to fit within the program, it would be highly unlikely that you could use a USDA Home Mortgage to purchase a home that was 150% or more of the average home price for your area.

But please don't eliminate this option until you call and find out if your financial situation fits. 919-341-4919

For some guidance regarding income qualification, please visit

but don't assume that the results are the FINAL results. Call 919-341-4919

Does My Property Qualify ?
A USDA Mortgage Loan can be used to purchase a property that is outside of larger metropolitan areas. If you require a home that is in or near a large city (250k and up) you may need to have some flexibility. Surprisingly, there are locations that are available that one might expect to be excluded. The USDA has a website that will allow you to identify whether a specific property is eligible. Just go to This is not a perfect system. I suggest that you put in the address AND use their MAPS feature to confirm your property is eligible. Also, the MAPS feature is helpful in allowing you to see the EXACT areas that you should search in. Call 919-341-4919

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